Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Case File #10

I just received the following report through my web page. I will respond to the person but not investigate this. If anyone want's their contact info simply shoot me a message:
I was working for a company moving Coal from Pleasanton Kansas to La Cygne Kansas for KCPL electric company. After loading my truck up i seen a object in the sky moving south about 2 miles due east of me. This object went due south about 2 miles and rolled over and while in its turn while on its side it disappeared and there was not a cloud in the sky. Than while at the other load site to the north the north coal mine at pleasanton Kansas me and another truck driver was tarp-ping our loads when i noticed another craft like the one i seen before. i yelled over to him to watch the craft with me and he walked over and watched as this craft did again the same thing as before. flew south at a very low speed maybe 20 miles an hour moving south than turned went south east than turned due south again and rolled over and while in the roll over it disappeared. He looked at me and said I did not just see that I didn't see a thing Did you. Hell ya i seen it disappear but like you i've seen two now do that in just a couple days. This was back in 2007 and i just was thinking Maybe there's a Portal east of Pleasanton Kansas out about 2 miles east of the mines and 2 miles due south from there about a mile high in the air. I and my wife was going to Walmart and i started taking pictures of the sun set when i snapped a picture of a UFO moving across the ground in a very high speed and went south west from us than moved due west than west north west across Kansas city. It took about 20 seconds to go from our car to out of site in that short time. But when i got home i found i had a very close up picture. You can see it clear as day and you can even see clear what it is A UFO IN MID AIR FLIGHT. Its round and you can see the sides of this craft and make out its size by whats in the back ground. It came down so fast and took off south so quick that at first i did`t think my camera had the picture i took of this craft. Just so you know just though i would share this info with you. My wife put this picture on her face book.

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