Friday, August 21, 2015


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Thursday, August 20, 2015

CASE FILE #9 Updated
Date of Sighting 08/12/2015
Time of Sighting:10 pm CDT
Location of Sighting:Hill City KS
Object/Object's sighted:light
How many?:1
Duration of sighting:10 minutes
Weather conditions:clear
Number of Witnesses:1
Did you or a witness obtain Photo and or Video evidence of this sighting?no
Detailed explanation of your experience:Shortly after 10:00 PM, CDT, I went outside on the south end of my house to watch the Perseid shower. My chair was facing east and I was rocked back and looking mostly overhead. Within a few minutes I noticed a northbound object. I knew this was not any kind of normal craft. Probably within five seconds the white "craft" blanked out, reappeared and then browned out completely.
OK, that was really an eye catcher. Something Star Trek's Walt/Matt Jeffries might have designed. The object, actually in four parts, had passed west of Deneb in Cygnus and toward the small constellation Lacerta.
Pondering for a couple of minutes, I noticed a jet coming out of the north northwest. Within seconds it was overhead and I noticed a white "rectangular" light in about the same area where the jet came from. At first I thought maybe the International Space Station. A second look seemed to show my original sighting object in a right hand profile below but with no distinct separation of the light. Describing a subtle rising arc, it was south of Polaris and heading east toward Epsilon Cassiopeiae. Enough! I took the few steps into the house to grab my 20 X 80 binoculars. And true form, it had disappeared.
Time was <> 10:15 CDT for the first sighting and at the very most 10 minutes total for the entire event.
There were no lights of any kind on the objects.
No beams or rays.
Overall, a not so intense white. No noise whatsoever.
Relative apparent size for both, a nail of the small finger held at arm's length.
The second sighting seemed to show a very slight haze around its entirety.
Were not birds or as one suggested, a drone!
Accompanying Illustrations:
Two old, but trusty, Edmund Scientific circumpolar star maps showing the trajectories of both objects.
Three quick gouache sketches of the objects. The first two describe the northbound object at full light and the second starting the brownout.
The second (or third) attempts to show the hazy and apparent right side of the craft and just below "center line."

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Case file #8

Date of sighting: April 25, 2015
Time of Sighting: Dusk, 8-ish
Location of Sighting: Lapeer, MI
Object/Object's sighted: Oblong craft. White-ish in color.
How many?: (1)
Duration of sighting: 10-15 seconds
Weather conditions: Clear
Number of Witnesses: Myself and one other.
Did you or a witness obtain Photo and or Video evidence of this sighting? No!
Detailed explanation of your experience: We both saw this thing. ...and in the blink of an eye, it whooshed off. Long gone!